What’s Right With the World

The title of this blog is the opposite to that of a book published by G.K. Chesterton in 1910 called What’s Wrong With the World. However, it is in no way opposed to the writings of Chesterton, who is one of my favourite writers. In fact I think he would highly approve of the title I have chosen. While Chesterton is greatly admired for his ability to critique the issues of his day, and even quite accurately predict the direction certain strains of thought would lead humanity, his most valuable contribution, in my opinion, was his sense of wonder.

Throughout many of his writings Chesterton encourages us to look at familiar things with new eyes, so we can rediscover the true beauty in them which we often miss through familiarity. The news is always full of tragedies and scandals, which can make the world seem like a dark and hopeless place. We are shocked by things which are out of the ordinary, which is of course quite natural , but Chesterton urges us not to loose sight of how startling the ordinary world actually is. He wrote that “we should always endeavor to wonder at the permanent thing, not at the mere exception. We should be startled by the sun, and not by the eclipse. We should wonder less at the earthquake, and wonder more at the earth.”

We should wonder less at abuse, war and violence, and more at family, friendship and sacrificial love. Humanity is a fallen race, and we should not be surprised that people do evil things; we are all capable of them. We should wonder less at corruption and division, and more at the everyday kindness of ordinary people, and the fact that every day begins and ends with a unique masterpiece painted across the skies as the sun rises and sets.

That is my inspiration for this blog, to wonder more at the world which we often lose sight of in our busy, technology filled lives. To take a step back, and try and rediscover the goodness, truth, and beauty that we can so easily lose sight of amid the darkness.

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